Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mia: 5 Month Update

Height/Weight: We haven't had Mia checked since her 4 month wellness, but I'm sure she's well over 15 lbs. She's also a tad longer than she was last month since her 6 month outfits are now too short or tight!

Sleeping: Hallelujah! Mia's naps are more consistent, but are in NO particular order. She does four 20-45 minute naps and one 1.5-2 hour nap. My current gripe is with her nighttime sleep regression. Mia's usually down by 7/8, but she'll wake up at 1 and again at 5- like she was a newborn. More often than not, I stuff her pacifier in her mouth (we no longer have to rock her to sleep) and she'll drift back to sleep within minutes. It's just physically draining and extremely difficult to fall back asleep. Cristhian and I had only had two REALLY bad nights of restlessness and sleeplessness where Mia was up every 1-2 hours from 1a-6a. I honestly can't wait for her to sleep through the night again. The NP recommended we sleep train her since Mia doesn't need the calories, per se, and because she's just comfort nursing.

Social: Amelia loves faces, but only on her own time. She's received so much attention from family members, but her delight is hit or miss. Regardless of the person (even if it's me!), she'll give you her full fledged attention with glee and giddy or act nonchalantly with wandering eyes. That said, she's starting to interact with Kuro, Otie and Zorro! She laughs a whole-belly-laugh when she notices one moving about and she's started to thrash her hands on their belly or back when they're close enough! One more thing, she's recently started talking to the babies on the diapers/wipes boxes. Also, when Phou R plays "peek-a-boo" with her, Mia laughs hysterically! Too bad it doesn't work with anyone else!

Likes: STANDING!, FaceTime with grandma and grandpa, gnawing on her hands/feet, blowing raspberries, spitting on everyone who holds her and sleeping on her side!

Dislikes: She's pretty much "over" her toys. //sigh I even bought her a new teething strawberry vibrator and she could not care less!

Crying: Crying is basically nonexistent with the exception of super long, as in 4+ hours, car rides. The days where she would cry almost half the day is gone!

Feeding: My little girl still nurses 8x a day on one breast for less than 5 minutes. The NP recommended starting solids between 4-6 months. That said, I'd rather start closer to the 6 month mark and when she can sit up unassisted for at least a minute. I'm really interested in Baby Led Weaning, but Cristhian's determined to start with purees. We'll see! I've bought a few books to help with our food journey. I'm determined not to have an picky eater!

Clothes: Mia is currently wearing size 9 months, but can fit size 12 months, in clothing and in size 3 Pampers Swaddlers! She is SO long!!

Baby Gear: Bumbo! I can't imagine teaching Mia how to sit up if we didn't have our Bumbo. BUT, I'm kinda regretting buying the Bumbo over the Ingenuity because baby girl has thick thighs!

Milestones: She's FINALLY fallen asleep in her car seat!! and unassisted at that! Granted, she's only done it 2-3x, but I'm still elated. She's also started eying our sandwiches, soups, etc when we're eating and has found her feet and started to nom on 'em. Mia is also sitting up unassisted for about 30 seconds to a minute!

Postpartum: I am completely better. My overall swelling has significantly decreased so I can wear my wedding rings again! Also, my pelvic bone has completely healed so my activity level has gone way, way, way up! That said, I'm down to 124-126 lbs. I'm thinking of treating myself to a Fitbit so I can gauge my activity level/strength before I join a gym.

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