Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Postpartum and Mia: 2 Week Update

These were taken at 11pm. Sorry for poor lighting!!

Recovery: This week was SO much better than the first. The myriad of bleeding + stitches + hemorrhoids hath been hellish. Also, I was in constant pain the first week... and I refused to take anything but a concoction of Tylenol and Motrin. There's still a lot of discomfort to go around, but it's considerably much less than my first week. To boot, the beginning of this week was the first time I had to care for Mia by myself. The first evening was rough- I had my first bawl (this includes my pregnant and post-pregnant phases!). I was really overwhelmed with consoling Lamby while finishing up things I needed to get done. Looks like I have to make smaller goals.

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding was still a challenge. It was so much so, I made an appointment to see the lactation consultant. I was given a lot of tips, but it was honestly not much different than what the LCs told me at the hospital. I guess I just have a biter. Also, my left breast was engorged, had clogged ducts... and it just HURT. So. Much. Pain!

Weight: 137 lbs! I've lost 16.4 lbs since the day I gave birth.

Height/Weight: Lamby is still 19 1/2 in long... and she's actually surpassed her birth weight! Exclusively breastfed infants don't usually regain their birth weight until three weeks' time, so the pediatrician (and I) was happily surprised. Instead of seeing the pediatrician again next week as per routine, our little family will see the pediatrician at Mia's one month appointment at the end of the month. Woo hoo!

Routine: Depending on Mia's cues, we've gotten adjusted to feeding every 2-3 hours. So for the most part, I feed her at 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm with a top off at 10:30pm in case she's fussy. Roughly 30-45 minutes after feeding, she usually poops so I (or Cristhian if he's out of work. He's really good with diaper changes!) will change her once she finishes her business. She'll then stay awake for the next 15-30 minutes and then fall back to Infant Slumberland. EXCEPT from 4:30-8:30/9, Mia will be awake... and it drives me nuts because I can't get anything done. Oh, well!

Sleeping: Overall, Lamby sleeps very well and mainly throughout the night (knock on some damn wood). It's awesome!

Feeding: Mia's been feeding for 10-15 minute increments every 2-3 hours... but because she's been gaining weight, I don't worry. I know she's going through a growth spurt soon so I'm just bracing for impact.

Sizes: Mia is still in newborn sized clothing with 0-3 fitting loosely. She's also in newborn sized diapers in Babyganics and Honest Co. The latter are fitting her better now that she's gained a good amount of weight.

Milestones: Lamby has great head and neck strength for a 1-2 week old infant. She's also started to "follow" voices and shadows when she's being talked to. And she's much more alert than she was last week! No more totally sleepy baby!

Happy (Belated) Easter!!

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