Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Postpartum and Mia: 1 Week Update

NOT the most attractive picture of myself... but this is my reality. This was taken exactly one week postpartum.

Sorry for the closeness... I was excited as she finally stopped crying!

Recovery: Because I had a vaginal delivery with no complications, I was allowed two days in the hospital- which was fine with me! I will admit that each day in the hospital was miserable. My nipples were cracked, sore and bleeding, I bled heavily and due to a fractured pelvis, every time I walked I winced in pain. Also, my stitches and hemorrhoids were the most annoying (accompanied by the constant heavy bleeding) pains in my ass. ... And I was always in pain! While I cared for myself and ensured that I was on the road to recovery, my mom helped me care for Mia. My mom is my saving grace!

Breastfeeding: As a formula-fed infant, I was determined breastmilk was the only way in which I'd feed my child. That said, breastfeeding was such a feat and continues to be an obstacle. At the hospital, my colostrum came very... slowly and also Mia and I were still learning how to feed as a team. During the daytime, I fed Mia every hour and come nightfall, I fed Mia every 30 minutes to an hour every hour from 10pm til 8am. It was exhausting. As a result, my boobs were sore, cracked and bleeding every other day. The only relief I had came from removing my bra and shirt, slathering my nipples with lanolin and chillin' with the ladies hangin' out. Needless to say, the aunts and uncles who came to visit were less than enthused, but WHATEVER.

Weight: When I last checked my weight (on Tuesday, March 31st), I was 143 lbs. That puts me at a 10 lb weight loss in less than a week's time.

Height/Weight: Upon discharge from the hospital on Friday, Mia was 7 lbs 15 oz; at her pediatric appointment the next day, Mia weighed 7 lbs 13 oz; and as of her last pediatric appointment on Monday, she is up to 8 lbs even and is still 19 1/2 in long! She's made such a quick turn around in weight that the pediatrician didn't feel the need for another weight check until Mia hit two weeks. :)

Sleeping: Mia sleeps SO well during the day... It's at night where she's hell on fire. My mom has been such a great help in consoling Mia. It's like grandma has the magic (cuddly) touch!

Feeding: There is none!! I am feeding on demand. Whenever she roots, gnaws on her hand or gives any cue, I offer my breast. Otherwise, if she's still sleeping soundly, I'll only wake to feed her if 3-4 hours have passed.

Sizes: Mia currently fits into newborn sized clothing. It seems like most 0-3 months is too large for her- even if she's 8 lbs! Also, Crissy and I found that the newborn size in Seventh Generation and Babyganics diapers were the perfect fit for her body shape.

Milestones: She's back in the 8 lb range in weight and she's an 8.5 in range for jaundice! Woo hoo!

Mia and Daddy

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