Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Paddy's Day Weekend with No Sign of Baby!

Haven't done a weekend recap in a long time! My apologies! Cristhian and I actually do a lot each weekend... baby prepping isn't easy! I just haven't found the time to sit down and write about it. I'm sure that as time passes, I'll regret that... so I'M BACK!

Usually, Cristhian and I drive to Southie to view the spectacle that is the St. Patrick's Day Parade. But with my condition, aka not being able to walk for long periods, we decided against it. I spent the majority of the weekend nesting as Cristhian spent time with his family (his brother came up to visit)!

Yes, Otie is addicted to strollers and car seats!! He's hilarious!!
Zorro, Otie and Kuro haven't been more attached to me than they normally are. Of course, Otie and Kuro follow me like a puppy, but they've both been attached to me at the hip this past week. Zorro- he slept by me TWICE for prolonged periods (when he sleeps by me, it's usually only for 10-15 minutes) as I was studying. He's NEVER done that... ever! I'm not sure if animals have a sixth sense... maybe they feel that Lamby's coming soon?

Hubby and I saw Cinderella this weekend. ... It was everything I imagined a live action Disney Cinderella to be. I LOVED IT! It was also the first movie (this pregnancy) to make me tear. With Lamby as active as she was as watched the movie, it hit me that we'll be raising a daughter... Plus, I love Downton Abbey and friggin' love Lady Rose and Daisy! I also love the Game of Thrones characters that appeared as well! SUCH a thoughtful movie! I'm buying the soundtrack off Amazon. ;)

I got my hair done today, on St. Paddy's Day. Not the greatest picture- it was raining cats and dogs so my makeup was running. I have moments where I like and dislike my hair...

I hope your St. Paddy's Day weekend was as eventful!

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