Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 39-40 Weeks

39w 5d

How far along? 39 weeks (I decided to combine my 39 and 40 week posts so that I'd be current with my estimated due date).

Total weight gain/loss: 153.8 lbs!

Maternity clothes: Yes!

Stretch marks? Aaaaaall over my lower tummy and boobs. :(

Sleep: It's decent for the most part, but Tuesday was full of contractions due to my membrane sweep.

Best moment this week: Hearing that I'm making good progress in dilation and effacing.

Worst moment of the week: Anxiety as to whether or not I'll finish getting things ready before Lamby comes.

Miss anything? Being in control!

Movement: SO MUCH movement! It's a nice change since she was "sleeping" so often before.

Food cravings: Nothing!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!

39w 5d

Have you started to show yet: YES!

Gender Prediciton: Lamby's a girl!

Labor signs: Yes! Contractions are steadily increasing and becoming more intense.

Symptoms: From most annoying or painful to least: inconsistent contractions, constant pelvic pain in my left groin (which still makes it difficult to walk), heartburn, sciatica/upper and lower back pain, swelling and a dime-sized hemorrhoid.

Belly button in or out? It looks like an outtie to me.

Wedding rings on or off? Off :(

Happy or moody most of the time? Moody! It feels like there's not enough time in a day to get what I need done.

Looking forward to: My due date and my parents' and L's visit!

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