Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

38w 3d.

How far along? 38 weeks (I do these a week behind as a recap of the previous week, so I'm actually 39 weeks today.)

Total weight gain/loss: I'm 152.6 lbs as of Tuesday. So I've gained 1.2 lbs as of last week and up 40.2 lbs since my last missed period.

Maternity clothes: Definitely yes to maternity shirts! Plus I'm still living out of my Gilly Hicks sweats and VS sweat pants... Not cute, but at 38ish weeks, I could care less... !

Stretch marks? YES! OH GOD, YES!

Sleep: Overall, I still sleep really well. But because I was hyped up on sugar on Monday night in preparation for the ultrasound on Tuesday, Lamby was kicking up a storm from 9pm, Monday, through to 4pm, Tuesday. I only had two hours of sleep!

Best moment this week: I loved seeing, and feeling, how active Lamby was when Cristhian and I watched Cinderella this weekend. I think that might be her movie! ;)

Worst moment of the week: Cristhian and I haven't spoken with the OB/GYN yet, but I saw our chart. I'm growing faster than normal, but Lamby is measuring two weeks behind. Since she's always measured a day shy of her ultrasound due date, her lack of growth was not something I was expecting. Our appointment with the doctor is tomorrow (it's usually Tuesday, but we scheduled the ultrasound today!), so we'll confer our options with the doctor.

Miss anything? I miss walking normally... Waddling is NOT cute!

Movement: She doesn't move as much as she used to, but Monday-Tuesday she's moved SO MUCH!

Food cravings: Nothing!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing!!

38w 3d.

Have you started to show yet: Ohhhh, yes! I'm all belly!

Gender Prediciton: It's a girl!

Labor signs: I'm 1cm dilated, 75% effaced and -2 station.

Symptoms: From most annoying or painful to least: constant pelvic pain in my left groin (which still makes it difficult to walk), heartburn, sciatica/upper and lower back pain, swelling and a dime-sized hemorrhoid.

Belly button in or out? I don't even know. I feel like it's an outtie, but in pictures it looks like an innie.

Wedding rings on or off? Off!

Happy or moody most of the time? I'm neutral, but going on moody! My belly is heavy and my petite frame can't support this baby!

Looking forward to: Seeing the doctor!

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