Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hair Chop: Hair Inspiration in the Third Trimester, Part II

In February, I met with a local stylist where I chopped off 5"! At the time, I knew I wanted to get highlights, but I wanted to see how my new stylist worked her magic... So I refrained from getting the highlights I oh-so-needed. Welps, baby is almost here and I NEED to get my highlights touched up.


I was seriously considering highlighting my hair similar to the two pictured on the left and gradually (like over two appointments, or three months) getting lighter, blonde-based, strands like the picture on the right.

Left: Before. Right: After.

Because I wanted a gradual transition, I wasn't going for blonde per se, but the stylist and I had a bout of miscommunicated. But Cristhian LOVES it since he's never seen me with any sort of "blonde." (Cristhian's been asking whether or not I'd do something blonde-esque for nearly six years.) The blonde baby highlights aren't so extremely obvious in pictures and I get constant compliments! It's just not as appealing (to me) in real life since I find the blonde so overtly "unnatural." I just got it done this past St. Paddy's Day, so I still mull over whether or not I want the stylist to apply more toner to soften the brightness of the blonde... but whatevs.

I guess I'm on the lookout for some purple shampoo. Any tips?

Did you rock a new 'do in preparation of motherhood?

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