Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hair Chop: Hair Inspiration in the Third Trimester, Part I

People say that pregnancy is supposed to make your hair luscious, thick, healthy and beautiful. Due to a couple years' worth of re-education on nutrition and learning/working with my hair type, my hair was already as such! The only time it ever gets unmanageable and unruly is when I neglect it... and that's what happened this fall.

L: 28w 3d. R: 32w 3d.

I was in a period of transition (just having moved from Connecticut, being put on bed rest right before Thanksgiving, etc) and had no time to think about typical American maintenance... but I was due for a trim since November (Time permitting, I make it a habit to get my ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks!). As you can tell in my pregnancy updates, the ends of my hair are so dry and brittle!


With Lamby on her way, I've decided to cut my hair short again! I'm really looking forward to the weight, literally, being lifted off my shoulders. I'll get it cut shorter than I did previously. I'm hoping for something very similar to Soo Young's hair!

L: Day-Of Hair. R: 5th Day Hair (no makeup, right before bed!).

When I booked my appointment over the phone, I emphasized my nervousness and anxiety over seeing a new hair dresser. I explained that my hair is very thick, coarse and although I style my hair straight, its natural texture is wavy! The receptionist reassured me that the stylist she was booking me with was incredible. I booked the appointment, but I was still a wreck. I saw the stylist this past Tuesday. After 15 minutes of whining, my new stylist constantly assured me that she was trained in typical Asian hair types, thick hair types, etc, etc, etc... Welps, she did a great job (after I told her my preferences in regards to some particular cutting styles)! I chopped off about 5" and everything feels so much lighter!

Did you rock a new 'do in preparation of motherhood?

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