Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Prenatal Exercise Regimen (or Lack Thereof)

First Trimester

L: ~2w. R: ~3w. The pregnancy tests read negative- so I didn't know I was pregnant!

It was early June and I finally graduated- my kickass summer was beginning. I had tons of outings planned and there was so much to look forward to, but I was incredibly TIRED. I didn't understand why I felt so fatigued. Thinking it was causing me to hit my plateau (I was trying to lose weight, remember? I hit 105-107 lbs and stayed there for months!), I just decided to push through. Three days out of the week, I jogged/ran 5-6 miles and two days out of the week, I did 45 minutes of yoga or Pilates. At the end of July (aka 4 weeks pregnant), I decided to cut waaaaay back. I was so, so, so tired... what the hell! Little did I know my body was growing not one, but TWO tiny humans. It aaaaaall made sense. The time I would normally spend exercising, I spent napping and lazing about using my little lambs as the excuse! Haha!

When I officially lost Baby B at 10 weeks, I was devastated. The miscarriage had nothing to do with my activity level or lifestyle- I didn't even have any bleeding or discharge (and I will push out both lambs in spring because I didn't have a "normal" miscarriage). Anyway, I needed a distraction, so I restarted a basic cardio/strengthening routine. I walked Kuro 1-3 miles every other day and I did 40 minutes of yoga twice a week. I was upset, aloof and lethargic, but I forced myself to continue. In retrospect, I'm glad I did. I was ~114 lbs for 9/8th of the first trimester.

Second Trimester

L: ~17 weeks. (I never went out, so I never had to slab on makeup!) R: ~25w. I spent the majority of the trimester sedentary... I had to be dragged to go anywhere!

I moved to the mother-state on Halloween Day. The weeks leading up to and the weeks following the move were incredibly stressful. I lived off an abundance of take away foods (my best friends included pizza, eggplant parm grinders, egg rolls, etc) and soda. I'll be honest- I fluctuated between 118-133 lbs. #$%* was unfathomable. I decided enough was enough and I needed to cut back on eating out and ultimately restart some sort of fitness routine that was doable while on bed rest. I limited myself to walking at least 2,000 steps per day (because even walking that little caused me pelvic unrest!). Due to poor eating habits and lack of activity, I spent the majority of the trimester on damage control. I started the trimester at ~118 lbs and finished at ~138 lbs.

Third Trimester

R: 28w+3d. I'm a sheep celebrating my lamb!

I'm currently 140 lbs at 29w+3d (I see the light!). I still listen and interpret what my body needs, but I'm determined not to gain crazy weight that is unrelated to Lamby's growth. That said, Cristhian and I started Bradley Method classes and have learned a number of ways to temper the pain. On days when I'm able to move, I try to walk 4,000+ steps! As a result, I feel intense pelvic pain the next day and I'm in bed ALL day, BUT I feel good about my caloric output. So I continue to exert as much "cardio power" as I can every other day. I'm not as active as I'd like... but I know, and feel, that I'm doing everything physically possible. I'd like to finish out the pregnancy UNDER 150 lbs... We'll see!

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