Monday, January 26, 2015

Another Uneventful Week.. but with Snow!

Crissy and I had another uneventful weekend. We were stuck inside due to 9"/23cm of snow... Plus we're supposed to get another 32"/81cm of snow as I type this (on Monday night). We constantly received automated calls from the local police informing us of the impending parking ban. Park or be towed! (Luckily, Cristhian and I no longer live in Hartford. I remember during inclement weather, we had to park at the closest school parking lot to avoid our car being pummeled by the city plows. So that meant walking a mile IN THE SNOW to/from the school lot! Yuck! I thank God we moved to West Hartford shortly after and we no longer had this problem!))

I can count on getting sick once every winter- very, very rarely do I ever get sick twice in one season. So when I get sick for a THIRD time in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS, I'm absolutely livid. I won't get started on why or how I got the flu... It's times like these when I feel like I miss my own space. I can only imagine Cristhian's despair...

Zozo and his big ol' beautiful green eyes!

Chillin' in his sister/master's bassinet... ! Don't worry. I plan on deep cleaning everything before Lamby comes!

It's so damn cute how Kuro always buries his head when he's deep in sleep!

On a lighter note, the boys are becoming more and more content with great grandma's house. Zorro's currently the only one who still wails to go to S's bachelor pad... but it'll pass. He's a whiner and that's just his personality. Otie is happiest when he's dozing off in new spots or eating miscellaneous plants... Argh! Kuro never ceases to amuse me with his random sleeping arrangements. Sometimes he's so deep in slumber, he doesn't wake up unless you shake him (He's old! He needs to be taken out to whizzy every 4-6 hours)!

Cristhian posted this picture to his Facebook... but I didn't because I'm cool like that. ;) I made this little collage when we had a fun argument in regards to who Lamby resembles. I definitely see features of both Cristhian and I... like my "button, but not really" nose and his nose bridge! In another 3D ultrasound, you can also tell that she has Crissy's under eye bags. //sigh I guess it's a really dominant trait (all of his siblings have it). My poor daughter might have puffy bags!

How was your weekend?

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