Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review: Paper Plum Planner Family Planner

A friend of mine showed me her Erin Condren Life Planner earlier this year and I was in serious envy. She was tracking her familial affairs, girlfriend gatherings, work events and fitness/eating routine in this notebook-sized planner. (I did the same exact thing in high school and undergrad. Why did I stop?!) I wanted a planner so badly!, but I couldn't suffice a hefty $50 + shipping price tag. That January on, I declared that iCalendar was fine. I used it to track appointments, special events, lunch dates, work dinners and more. It'd been working for years after all.

I like that iCal automatically syncs to iCloud (so I can see it on the iPhones, iPads, iMac and MacBook Pro). I especially like that Crissy and I can see what the other has planned. BUT I HATE how holidays are duplicated, how Facebook events are forever engraved in iCal and how Cristhian writes in his appointments! Moreover, tracking my pregnancy with iCal isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. Plus, I don't think it will be as conducive for life with needy relatives who are in want of everything and eventual life with a newborn (-or so I think? I'd like to write in baby's feeding, bowel schedules, play dates, etc!). Regardless, 2015 will be an extremely busy year for my little family. I need a physical reminder of what to do, of things to do and of future events. The Erin Condren Life Planner was a serious contender for a long while. I like how you can view your calendar from a month to week/day POV. I like that there were a number of inspirational quotes to keep me motivated. I like how I can keep everything in the little planner. I did lots of research in order to educate myself on the product, but it's $50+!

I Googled for an ECLP dupe and the first thing that popped up was the Plum Paper Planner. From all the rave reviews and comparisons, PPP seemed to offer everything I was looking for. I like the PPP standard planner, $31, because it seriously reminded me of the ECLP, but the PPP family planner, $35, offered weekly customization and didn't break down my week from day/noon/night (my life certainly does not revolve around that time frame!). In October, I made an inquiry to PPP where the seller and I went back and forth a few times... and eventually all my questions were answered. I placed an order for my personalized family planner (plus six months (to make said product an eighteen month calendar planner) and extra checklist page distributed evenly after each month) on 10/17 for $50.95 after shipping and a 10% discount code I found online. After stalking Etsy.com and PPP's store, I finally received an email on 11/4 with my tracking number. Although UPS' site is faulty and it was hit or miss when receiving updates, my order from PPP was sitting prettily on the doorstep of my home by 11/10. I noticed a number of customers vehemently haughty about PPP's shipping practice. So imagine my surprise when I saw a sturdy looking box wrapped in bubble wrap instead of a flimsy plastic cover. (Although the email I received DID mention the use of boxes, I wasn't sure if I was in that bunch!) Therefore, there were no dings or anything I wasn't expecting upon receiving my planner- I was oh so happily content with my purchase!

I've only had my planner for a few months, but I will say I feel so much more organized with it. For one thing, tracking my pregnancy has been become so incredibly simple. I never wonder how far along I am anymore. I can also tell my OBGYN and other doctors my progress and symptoms without having to revert through 3+ apps. Win. Moreover, being able to check my activities, appointments, workout schedules, etc from an "at a glance point of view" have allowed me to make more time for myself (vs being overworked, tired and bitter from running myself too thin). I also LOVE being able to maximize time and efficiency when doing things for ming and om.

  • customizable with an abundance of covers styles
  • many planners to suit a varied audience (student, teacher, family, wedding, fitness, etc)
  • lots of add-ons available (extra months, check lists, stickers, etc)
  • a sane mind!

  • heavy (but that's because I chose the 18 month calendar!)
  • annoying to carry a ziploc bag of different colored pens and post-its

I honestly love the planner and can see myself using this for years to come!

*FTC: I was not sent, sponsored, compensated or paid for this review. I bought this planner with my own money. The links are NOT affiliate links.

What are your thoughts on the best planner out there?!

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