Monday, December 1, 2014

Family, Family and More Family

Selfie before driving off to UMDartmouth!

A lot has happened this past week. On Monday, I was put on bed rest per my OBGYN. It seriously put a damper on my plans. Needless to say, I'm stubborn. PAH! Bed rest, schmed rest. I spent all day on Monday and Wednesday in bed... and I went a little nutty. Tuesday was spent taking N, my niece, to her first college tour. It was SUCH a long day, but it was such a good experience seeing other a campus other than UConn. (N could have been more enthusiastic, but whatevs!)

First two pictures taken by Ming N

Thursday was even better than I imagined it would be. It was Cristhian and my first Thanksgiving as Massachusetts residents. We drove up to New Hampshire and enjoyed the better part of the afternoon with Ming L's family. Ming had all the typical 'Merican fixings- mashed potatoes, niblets, turkey and gravy, fruit trifle, biscuits as well as some Cambodian fare- egg rolls! The evening was spent traveling to Phou R's house and playing random iPhone games and watching my brother, S, get pissed drunk wasted. Good times!


The long weekend was such a whirlwind! I continued my orders of bed rest... and apparently Cristhian thought he should, too. We did NOTHING all weekend. Literally, nothing. The one time I went out was to watch "Horrible Bosses 2" for a quick three hours. The biggest and best change was that Zorro and Otie were getting better acclimated to their new home. I know our situation isn't as ideal as I would have hoped, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Hope y'all had a wonderful American Thanksgiving!

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