Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas Party with Family

It's been a nutty week at the Yellow Paneled House. My room looks like a tornado's been through it. My cats and my dog are ratchet and are in desperate need of a bath. My husband got a hair and beard-cut reminiscent of hispanic novelas. My body is crippling with pain, granting me unable to walk, which ultimately puts me at constant physical rest. So my mind races with boredom and there's only so much I can plan for!

Welps, aside from that, the week's been decent overall. On Friday, Cristhian and I attended a work party (, which consequently employs much of my paternal family members and one maternal family member). It was our first work party in a loooong time- it was a nice change of pace! We weren't able to get "prettied" up for our anniversary due to circumstances- so the last time we got fancy was for a wedding in August.

Sorry for the blurriness. My camera was being temperamental... Argh!

Have you been to any Christmas parties yet?!

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