Monday, November 24, 2014

An Informal Luncheon Get-Together

A planned an informal vegetarian luncheon so E, Crissy, S, P and I could get together before the holidays get crazy and before P moves to New York City. Cristhian and I haven't seen E in monthssss! It was so great to see her and know that she's doing well. I LOVE knowing that my oldest friend has her passion recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is teaching kids K-12! You go, chickie! Also, on a bittersweet note, P got married earlier this year and after her religious wedding in India (she'll be abroad for the next two months), she'll be shipped off to NYC. P has only ever lived in Lowell- she was born and raised here... It's gonna be different!

The luncheon started off iffy. A had just finished prepping the meal and had barely started her side dish. While P and Cristhian were in the living (awkwardly) talking, I helped A get the stuffed peppers together. Her pumpkin cheesecake was... ok- the ice cream was yummy! The best part was reminiscing over past times. I didn't go to high school with these girls, so it was nice hearing their stories!

Pictures taken by S.

After lunch (which ended around 5 due to awesome planning on A's part), we gathered in the living room for some Pictionary. Cristhian, P and I were on Team Snickers while Team Twinkie comprised of S, A and E. Needless to say, Snickers won by one point because we're so talented. Ahaha!

The holidays are such a busy time for us all- it was really nice to see such important friends!

How was your weekend?


  1. Yes, it's very important to have time for friends. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family =)

    1. Aww. Thank you! I hope you have an incredible holiday with your family and friends as well! :D


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