Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

18w 2d

How far along? 18 weeks (I do these a week behind as a recap of the previous week, so I'm actually 19 weeks today.)

Total weight gain/loss: +1.1 lbs which brings me to 119.4 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Half the day, I'm in form-fitting 4s (no more 2s!) and dreading the evening mark where I bloat like no other. The other half, I live out of yoga pants, maternity jeans and PJ bottoms.

Stretch marks? Not yet... I'm dreading it! I've constantly asked Cristhian to check... and was desperate enough to ask S for his opinion.

Sleep: Honestly, it's gotten 100% better since Cristhian bought me the Snoogle. I can't believe the night and day difference it makes.

Best moment this week: Crissy and I got to see Lamby at my anatomy scan this past Friday. It was so extremely active! For whatever reason, Cristhian couldn't believe the sex results of the blood test (although confirming the likelihood of genetic deficiencies were more than acceptable...). To his glory, we reconfirmed its sex.

Worst moment of the week: I'll be in BIL's wedding in May 2nd- mind you, this wedding will take place roughly 4-6 weeks postpartum. This past Tuesday, two other bridesmaids and I tried on some dresses for the bride... and the other girls looked incredible! I, on the other hand, looked less than stellar; I felt shapeless and round. With that in mind, I know the dress will fit and look better once my handy dandy trust seamstress gets a hold of me. But at that point, I felt defeated; pregnancy does not look good on me.

Miss anything? It's not pregnancy-related, but I miss peace! My apartment is a wreck right now because we're packing and moving all our stuff!

Movement: Constantly! ESPECIALLY after meals and when I lay on my stomach!

Food cravings: Nup- sorry! I do enjoy Sour Patch Kids after supper though.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not at all, but I guess the scent of fish cooking isn't pleasant (although it never was even before I got knocked up)!

Have you started to show yet: Definitely! I look like a whale.

Gender Prediciton: It's less than two months 'til our baby shower! There, Crissy and I will ultimately reveal the sex of Lamby!

Labor signs: None yet

Symptoms: Acne is coming back! I have one new zit on my cheek that's super atrocious. Also, sciatica is an issue here and there.

Belly button in or out? Innie... slowly making its way as an outtie...

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time? Sad (when thinking/prepping for BIL's wedding) and antsy!

Looking forward to: Meeting my new OBGYN!

Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

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