Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 15 Weeks


How far along? 15 weeks (I do these a week behind as a recap of the previous week, so I'm actually 16 weeks today.)

Total weight gain/loss: +1.4 lbs so I'm at 117 lbs! I was ~114 for so long (eleven weeks! For the first month and a half, I thought I was plateau-ing from working out!) I was wondering when my next jump would be. I'm not worried about the increase. I'm sure it'll all work itself out in the end. I'm just trying to enjoy the changes.

Maternity clothes: Yes! I've started wearing the GAP Always Skinny Jeans my mom bought me. They are THE most comfortable pants I own!

Stretch marks? None yet... hopefully none at all!

Sleep: Yes and no. I go to sleep on either side and wake up on my back. When I wake up from lying on my back, my whole body is aching sore! The only way to go back to sleep is by sleeping on my stomach. Lately, that's been futile. I might have to invest in that dang Snoogle people are talking about!

Best moment this week: Going to Wright's Farm and reminiscing over my high school days!

Worst moment of the week: I experienced the worst sciatica pain to date. I couldn't feel the left side of my body from the waist down. Plus every time I moved, all I could feel was this horrible, excruciating singe of nerve pain in my glute medius. I couldn't walk or move for nearly a third of the day. I haven't felt this ridiculous since breaking THREE BONES AT ONCE!

Miss anything? Sleeping comfortably on my stomach!!

Movement: None yet

Food cravings: None yet

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, sir!

Have you started to show yet: YES! I've finally popped! I'm no longer in that awkward phase. I'm definitely pregnant and it shows with a number of tops.

Gender Prediciton: We are very excited for our anatomy scan in a couple of weeks!

Labor signs: None yet, but these Braxton Hicks "cramps" are a bitch!

Symptoms: 95% of my pregnancy has been amazing... the last 5% has been struck with inconceivable pain (I know it'll get worse!!). I still have sciatica pain which prohibits mobility. Also, I'm sore all over when I sleep on my back!

Belly button in or out? In... but it looks like it'll start protruding soon.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time? Definitely neutral, but leaning towards happy. I'm still in disbelief about growing a little person!

Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan on October 24th and meeting my new OB/GYN in Lexington!!

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