Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Visiting the 'rents and Other People

Welps, this last leg of summer was officially MY turn to visit a few family members. Although I didn't get to visit with as many as some others... I did my fair share of travel. I missed Kuro SO dang much! Next time, he'll have to come with me. Also, apologies for the next set of pictures. It's a lot of Jenny.

My time was spent lazily... I drove stick shift- (See you next summer, Manual Cars!), I did a lot of family bonding, met up with ancient friends and met a new friend... and stuff.

The half-day I spent traveling was.. torturous. I was starving half the time!


Cristhian and I spent Labor Day weekend lounging about at home (because I got sick days before leaving) and also at the Fluffy show. This was the second year we'd gone and it was an incredibly funny time! After the show, we went to Hard Rock Cafe.. it was meh. Definitely the worst I've had yet. Alas, whatevs. Still had a good time! Next year, we plan on booking a room at the hotel so we won't have to drive 2+ hours to get back to the Boston area.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?


  1. Our Labor Day weekend was uneventful as well as the husband got sick. Hope you feel better now and enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Aww! I hope your husband makes a quick recovery as well!


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