Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Lamb's Surprise!

I've always had mixed feelings about children in and of themselves- I like them; I dislike them; I love when I can give them back to their parents. I think it might be the fact that it's hard for me to establish a personal connection... This is reality. I've always dreamed that I would grow into a woman with a doting husband and two whimsically clever children dancing around our backyard in New England. From elementary to college, my friends would always tell me how they longed for a child and for their families to grow. Given our different circumstances in life, we've talked about acquiring children via adopting, in vitro and au naturale. This is THE dream (and sorta reality). Once Cristhian and I got married, I felt like starting a family was a natural step. Since last year, we've been trying to no avail... that is until now.

Thanks for staging, taking and editing the photo, L!

How did we find out we were expecting? In July, after two weeks of heavy drinking, family togetherness and serious working out-ness... TOM was four days late. Since I've been tracking TOM since 2010, TOM is almost never, ever late. Plus, my boobs were super, super, super sore and I was cramping worse than usual. After a Target run for a few essentials (like a few pregnancy tests), I went against formal education and tested myself that very night on the 18th of July... and it was positive. I was beaming and so incredibly happy... and Cristhian could tell immediately! I took another test the following Saturday morning and it was, again, positive. Wow!

6w 1d

I called my OB/GYN's office the following Monday and was immediately given an ultrasound appointment the next day. Cristhian scurried over after work and we were able to see our little Lamby... At the time, by my tracking, I should've been 5 weeks and 5 days along, but the tech told me by the baby's measurements, I'm only 4 weeks and 3 days. I was given a subsequent ultrasound appointment for the 31st of July. At this ultrasound, Crissy and I were able to see Lamby, who measured at 6w 1d, and even heard its heartbeat- a sturdy 130 bpm. Totes wow. My first appointment with my doctor was for the following day, August 1st. It was just a quick verbal appointment where the doctor explained the 'ness of it all. Plus, she had me get some blood work done. I had well more than the average person- I had to fill ten vials! My second appointment was similar to any routine OBGYN wellness visit. Luckily, everything went well.

For the first nine weeks of pregnancy, my symptoms include the inability to sleep well, serious bouts of bloating, aversions to red meat, poultry and seafood, dislike for sweet things (Oh, God. I know! I can't believe it either!) and preference for salty, crispy and savory foods. I was really dreading morning sickness- it seems like every woman I know has experienced it! Thankfully I've only had a few instance of heartburn (6w 2d for a few hours in the morning) and vomiting (7w once at noon and 8w 2d due to children's lack of hygiene). If this is TMI... sorry!

With just two weeks' change, my symptoms include limited tolerance to chicken and seafood, preference for salty, crispy and savory foods and a serious inkling for peaches (Thank God peaches are actually in season!!). I've even traveled long distances and via plane multiple times- so I know the impending trip across country won't be too bad. Woe are the days when traveling will be made extra difficult. Until then, Crissy and I are trying to make the best of each situation. Also, no experience of nausea or vomiting! Wahoo!

This about sums it up for appointments and the like! I'll start doing the typical weekly updates where I'll recap my experience of the week prior to that "week."

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