Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer 2014: Nearing the End of Life with Entertaining Family

Just like many months before, Cristhian and I consistently hosted a number of family members of the course of the past two weeks... but the difference is that this is the LAST of it! I can see the finish line... and it is glorious! Haha. Keeds. But still. 'Twas a long and eventful summer.

On Tuesday, I was able to get free vouchers to a local zoo over by the New York border. It was much smaller than I remember, but it was great being able to see animals (some of whom were former pets- ugh!) up close and personal.

Most recently, Cris and I offered to watch his nieces and nephews in order to give his sister a much needed break. On Saturday morning, we spent some time at Stew Leonard's knowing very well how much they'd get a kick out of the interactive grocery store. We also spent time at a library before heading out to dinner with Cris' siblings. Late in the evening, Cristhian took his older nephews to a trampoline park while the bigger-little ones were home with me enjoying The Hobbit.

On Saturday, we were able to head over to the Connecticut Science Center, an incredible museum where the exhibits are 100% awesome. Seriously. Even I love it there.

Afterward, we needed to rush over to the southeastern part of the state to celebrate Cris' nieces' joint birthday party.

... Then rushed home to meet with R and L! Onward march to the midwest!

How was your summer?

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