Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reviews: Glasses.com

Woe the days I fibbed to the school optometrist, telling her I couldn’t see clearly when I actually could! (James, why were you so adorable?!) As a result, I’ve been sorta kinda blind. Yearly, mummy and I would prance around the brick and mortar storefront as I picked out frames and waited a month for them to come in. I remember always hating the fit. The glasses I picked out were just not made for a petite semi-adult. I looked gawky; I felt gawky. For the past couple of years, I started wearing contacts for the ease of use and I wear contacts more often than not, but I do like the simplicity that glasses offer. That and whenever I don’t feel like putting on contacts, I wear glasses. Thanks to brick and mortar stores, I would have to wait at least two weeks for the prescription to come in.

Fast forward to today, Cristhian and I were in want of filling our eye glasses/contacts prescriptions. The brick and mortar storefront our optometrist works for charged ~$295 for glasses and $264 for an annual supply of contacts. What?! It was seriously wicked expensive and we weren’t willing to dish out ~$500 to see. Here is where Glasses.com comes into play. This company was once affiliated with 1800Contacts.com- and there were a number of coupons I could use in conjunction with my order, so I figured "Hey, why not?"

I made sure Glasses.com had the frames and lens combo I was looking for.. and lo and behold, they did! I made my order online and minutes later, I was text my contact prescription to the number provided. That's when I found out that there's a different prescription for glasses! Doh! That was ok. The rep ended up calling my optometrist's office and getting a verbal confirmation of my prescription. No harm, no foul!

After waiting six days for my new glasses to come (Not pictured, but I heavily stalked DHL and USPS' websites for the status of the shipment.).. I found the plain box waiting at my doorstep. Nice! It wasn't as long as when I wait for a pair at the optometrist's, but certainly not as quickly as I'd hoped. Well, I guess that's what happens when the product ships from across the country, haha. No biggie. As pictured, the frames are SO pretty and SO darn cute! Thanks, Kate Spade! ;)

My only strife was that the frames felt so tight on my head. After chatting online with a Glasses.com rep, said rep informed me that I could go to any glasses store and have my glasses adjusted.. and if there was a charge for the service, I could get reimbursed by Glasses.com in the form of a refund. Blah.

Update: Silly me, I didn't realize there was a Try It At Home Program. With this program, I was able to choose four pairs of glasses to try on. I had a week to decide whether or not I liked the current pair I bought, or the other four I picked after. (Although, you should try this feature PRIOR to buying your pair of glasses! Learn from my mistake!)

I would say- keep going to brick and mortar stores unless you are dead-on sure of your specs! The ease of the transaction and the money saved is a nice plus, but the hassle is a big hurdle to get over... Pass!

*FTC: I was not sponsored, compensated or paid by Glasses.com or its affiliates for this review. My husband and I paid for our glasses with our own money.

Do you order your glasses online or in-store?

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