Monday, July 28, 2014

My Family, Your Family, Our Family

This past week was a whirlwind of a week. Let's recap (it's totally gonna be boring, but sorry!).

On Sunday, Cristhian and I were in Lowell visiting relatives and doing the Lowell thing. ... And then we had to scurry back to Connecticut in order to meet up with Leeda and Rethanak who were driving from Beavercreek. After a restful night (HA!), we bummed around the house for a good part of the morning. Sadly, Crissy had to work- it's a regular work week after all. Then, L, R and I made our way over to Blue Plate Kitchen for a yummy brunch. Then they were OFF!

That same Monday, Cristhian's sisters, nieces and nephews came over. Not knowing where I should bring them, I took them to the local park where the kids were able to swim in the public pool. The kids had sooo much fun drifting through the three pools- a small wading pool, a typical four lane pool with buoys removed and a twirly, whirly slide. Instead of meeting us at the park, Cristhian started on Taco Night. Nom!


The next morning, W, B and I rallied off the five kids in the cars and made our way over to the theatre. Why? Thanks to Out and About Mom, I found out that Bow Tie Cinemas offers free movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Winning! This week, the theatre showed Ice Age: Continental Drift. Luckily, it was a hit for everyone in the party! Woo hoo! After lunch, we made the 1/4 mile trek to the local public pool we visited the day before. Thankfully, with the afternoon sunshine (I think it was like 91*F with 60% humidity!) the adults found refuge in the huge canopy. Also, in the late evening, B and W wanted to meander about downtown... So Cristhian and I took the clan to West Hartford Center. It was Music Night, so we heard a drummer going insane by the square. It was awesome! After a bit of time, Cris and I took four of the kids into the library. There, they were able to play in the children's area and experience the fun that a true library possesses. Following the library, we just made our way around center square. There wasn't much we could do with so many kids in tow, but it was a great idea for the family to peruse about.


Wednesday, was a low-key day and the family's last day in Hartford County since B needed to head back to work. After breakfast, we made our way through to Stratton Brook, a small pond in Simsbury, and had a modest BBQ. It was just very, very relaxing. No messing, no bothering... that is, until the bees and bug things kept buzzing around our area due to all the sweets we had erupting from our belongings- haha! We had a good run while it lasted. Before leaving, B and W wanted to make a bubble tea run. It was no problem, of course, because the bubble tea shop is on the way home. On our drive back, adventures ensued. B forgot she was following me home and drove deep into Simsbury! To make matters worse, both B and W's phones were dead. I spent almost twenty minutes looking for them to no avail. Once B charged her phone a bit, she called and explained what happened- silly goose! In the end, B and W continued to get lost and after a full hour, made their way back home and Cristhian bought bubble teas for everyone. Hahaha! That night, we watched a few movies until Cristhian's family left in torrential downpour.



Friday night, my family in Massachusetts returned to Connecticut. We had late-night sushi annnnnnd the boggarts stayed up well into the night. S needed to bring back Artie-kun from her maintenance upkeep in Enfield and spent his morning doing so. When S, L and R came back, we walked to Hearty Kitchen for brunch. S and R each ordered the chicken and waffles. L and I ordered our own variation of an egg and toast dish. The boys had the better meal... by far. Once Cristhian got out of work (Thank God his long work weeks are over!), the five of us made our way over to West Hartford Center. S wanted to meander about the local music store... and did so nearly the entire duration of our hour stay. Keke. R and I walked over to a local French bakery and bought some macarons... yummmmmy! That night, we spent the evening watching movies and making dinner. L makes the most delish chili bread. SO GOOD! Annnnnd S left late into the evening in order to head back to Massachusetts.

Organic and Local Buttermilk Chicken and Organic Belgian Waffles with Locally Sourced Raw Honey... NOMMM!

On Sunday, R woke up late (per usual) and the party ended up getting into Lowell so incredibly late... So late we caught the last half hour of our cousin's baby shower and missed absolutely everyone. Boo! S'ok. We'll have more quality family time with baby when she comes! Back at grandma's, the family ate comforting hot pot... yummmmmmmmmy! Around eight, Cristhian and I needed to head back to Connecticut, so we bid our farewells to my sibbies and aunties and uncle. Then we went over to my elder cousin, S's house to drop off something for my niece, N... and then made our way to S's (Baby Shower S) to catch up and to drop off our gift (because I'm ridiculous and forgot it).

And here I am on Monday morning writing this recap of what happened over the past week. Seriously. I love summers. It's the only time of the year I can see so much family in such a short period of time! I'm so incredibly thankful for a close knit family. ... And I'll do a better job of taking pictures... Promise!

I hope your week was as eventful as mine!

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