Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend 2014

On a typical day, Cristhian and I are so incredibly pressed for time. We don't have the luxury to meander, or even eat breakfast with one another. Occasionally, we meet up for lunch and/or dinner, then catch up around midnight. Luckily, Cristhian was able to get two full weeks off of work- SCORE! It felt incredible to take the time to do what we wanted, when we wanted. I think that in and of itself proved to be most valuable. That said, the early half of the week was spent lounging about and cleaning the house in preparation for the week ahead.

Gardner Lake in Salem, CT

Cris' nephew, E, turned seven. Therefore, the immediate family got together and had a little shindig at BIL's house. It was so, so, so nice. Everyone kept mentioning how wonderful it was for the four siblings to finally reunite. The family would be complete if A and A II weren't in Chelsea! (As I write this, the boys' dad is bringing them south to Connecticut tomorrow! Woo hoo!)

Kuro in 2012.

To our dismay, fireworks in Hartford were postponed due to the Arthur... Damnit, Arthur! So Cristhian and I will have to wait until next week to enjoy the splendor that is Hartford fireworks. I guess that makes things better for Kuro... He still reeeeally hates fireworks! Poor thing.

Cochituate State Park in Wayland/Framingham, MA

After spending a few days with Cris' family, we decided to make our way north to see my family in the Greater Boston area. Seriously, it's been weeeeeeks! Sunday was spent doing menial things, but today, Crissy and I were able to chill with my cousins, nieces and nephews. My cousins brought sooo much food... It's amazing. I forgot how awesome Asian picnics were! I've been away in Connecticut for far too long.

On the bright/dark side, there was an area where one is able to rent kayaks, boats, etc. Cristhian and I were excited to get our mitts on a little vehicle.. but we were rudely interrupted by some random tornado warning in the Inner City Boston area. Dangnabbit! Having frequented two lakes over a period of three weeks, I can honestly say I'm sick and tired. I am DONE with lakes for the rest of the season! Take me to the beeeeach! Hahaha!

Do you prefer beaches or lakes?

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  1. Oh poor kuro lots of animals gets scared by the fireworks, one of my dog used to follow me everywhere during some fireeworks he was like my shadow!!!lol


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