Wednesday, June 18, 2014


After realizing I'm on my last pair of contacts (and after Cristhian's rave when he ordered his set), I decided to take the plunge and order my contacts online. With his superior approval of, I thought "Hey, why not?"

First things first, I searched a number of websites in search of prescription contacts at a cost efficient price. I have a pretty common prescription and brand so it wasn't hard finding a number of sites that were competitive. I contacted 1800Contacts via website, chatted with a representative and explained the situation. This rep was accommodating and able to confirm the price match, extra 2% discount and the free shipping. Winning.

After confirming some personal and billing information, the rep called and informed me that he needed a verbal confirmation from my doctor or text, email or fax of my hard copy prescription. I text a copy of the hard copy right away to the number provided by 1800Contacts. Within minutes, I received a text confirmation and within hours, I received an email with the tracking number!

Because I placed my order the evening of May 22nd, the rep explained that I should expect my package in 5-7 business days, even with Memorial Day looming near. No biggie. My prescription lasts for two weeks so I wasn't in any rush. Lo and behold my surprise when I found the package waiting in the foyer the day after Cristhian and I came back from our holiday in Massachusetts/New Hampshire. ... So including weekend days, my order came in in five business days!

I'm thoroughly impressed! Nowadays, the interwebz has everything I need conveniently packaged in a cute little box and shipped to my door. I also really like when companies have actual people I can bother- it makes shopping all the easier. I'm super satisified, 1800Contacts! Will do business again!

*FTC: I was not sponsored, compensated or paid by 1800Contacts or its affiliates for this review. My husband and I paid for our contacts with our own money.

Have you ordered from 1800Contacts? What was your experience like?

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