Monday, June 2, 2014

My Week In Pictures #18: Friendly's

This past week was full of... well, crying. Allergies are no joke. I can't stand spring! ARGH! But whatevs. Staying indoors during daylight and stalking the night will suffice until the end of the month! #vamplife

Kuro and Otie, for whatever reason, are loving with one another. It's usually a love-hate relationship which Kuro loses.. but Otie has been so gentle and kind to Kuro... I'm loving it.

This is how I listen to E when he tells me about how I look like I was born China and definitely not California.

... Like he's never had a sundae!

A few not-so-awesome-but-necessary highlights are getting my new brake pads in and keeping E for the weekend! Cristhian and I like to take him every now and then. For whatever reason, I think he enjoys not having to fight for attention.. and Cris and I get to take him out to places he seldom goes.


  1. I love your face on the picture!!!lol couldn't stop laughing!!!

    1. I'm glad you found it amusing!! Ahahaha!! Took a long time to convince him otherwise!! :)


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