Monday, June 30, 2014

Family Time with the In-Laws

On Tuesday, SIL and her son came to spend the day with Cristhian and I on Tuesday. We started off at Westfarms and shopped around a bit for bathing suits.. but alas found none. After lunch, we stopped by Kennedy Park for a few hours so little G can play in the water pad. It was honestly too sweet seeing him interact with other little ones. Once Cristhian got out of work, we were able to head to Flatbread for supper... ERMERGERD. Still as yum as I last remember. Seriously. SO yum. For dessert, we four feasted on Ben & Jerry's. NOM.

Cristhian's sister made the big move from Puerto Rico to America. W sent her boys in late spring. Meanwhile, W and her daughters flew into Jersey Thursday night into Friday. After a loooong trek, she arrived in Connecticut... and was bombarded by siblings and nephews! It was a long weekend of kiddies and decent fun.

M requested a group selfie.. Haha! Just like her mom and Aunt B!

Gardner Lake was pretty nice!

Seriously! These kids LOVE selfies!

Friday and Saturday were spent lazily lounging around BIL's house. We did absolutely nothing all day and all night- haha! Tending to four/five very, very active kids take a toll! On Sunday, we spent the late morning and afternoon at Gardner Lake. There, the kids were able to play in the water while the adults were able to lounge on the beach and splash about.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Update: Fight Against Acne with the Dermatologist

As many of you know, I take my skin care very seriously and I had a bad bout of hormonal and cystic acne over the past few months. Future Monster's impending arrival (whenever that may be!) and my skin, require the use of non-BP/non-SA based products. As such, I would try many things (water, upping my greens, exercise, etc) to combat said acne, but nothing was working. ... In March, I was said "That's it! I'm going to a derm!" and here I am, months later- ecstatic.

I'm not saying what I'm doing/have done will work for everyone, I'm just saying this regimen is what has worked with me. Also, I do realize my acne has become hormonal over the years, the products I'm using are safe to use throughout pregnancy. I am under the supervision of an amazing dermatologist!

Keflex/Cephalexin (1) and Cleocin/Clindamycin (2)
(1) I started off with one capsule twice a day, tapered down to one capsule once daily, then down to once capsule every other day, and finally down to one capsule once daily as needed. This drug has seriously kicked the crap out of all the back acne and booty acne on my body. (2) I use the topical variant of this drug as a spot treatment on any active blemish. This, in conjunction with the oral antibiotic, have made an incredible difference in my skin. The product stings, but it feels so good to see the zits shrink overnight. Currently, I have no active blemishes and have stopped taking each drug, but have been directed to restart both at the onset of any active blemish.

Shu Uemura Porefinest Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil
I made the switch to a cleansing oil when I ran out of my handy dandy super trusty EL's Total Makeup Remover was reformulated (It's not the same!!). I absolutely LOVE this cleansing oil. When used correctly, it takes even the most difficult of waterproof makeup off. Not to mention I die over this scent. Also, I know it's annoying to order because Shu Uemura took all its products off US shelves, one can only get purchase it on SU's site (Plus the boys always end up picking out anything BUT the one I want).. It's not too bad if you remember to order it. Trust!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel & Clarisonic Plus
I use one pump of the LRP cleanser and just follow the prompts per the Clarisonic through two rounds... and bam. My face and neck are so nice, clean and generally acne-free! Also, with summer quickly approaching (and the imminence of baring skin) I make sure to exfoliate my body well. Luckily for me, I have a separate head to use for my body and it works so incredibly well for an even application of my self-tanner.

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector
I've used this product off and on for the past three years. I have a love/hate relationship with this corrector because it works so well, but is SO expensive for one measly fluid ounce! Admittedly, this is the only product that's helped me with hyper-pigmentation. If anyone has any recs for a cheaper alternative that works as well, please let me know!

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer Combination Skin and Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer
For the most part, I use the former by itself because it doesn't contain any BP or SA. Although it feels watery and yucky I still don't like the way lotion feels on my skin..), I feel like it moisturizes well. Sometimes I mix both moisturizers and use them together if I feel my skin is too oily (Clinique moisturizer is very, very drying).

I've found things that will clear my acne, but the products contain ingredients that aren't safe for Eggroll or Empanada. I need to find safe products now for a health baby (and happy, acne-free mommy) in the future!

Do you have any recs on pregnancy-safe products?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

TBT: Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me

I was SUCH a teeny bopper as a pre-teen/teen that it's embarrassing to remember. There were days I would shamelessly and horribly dance around the family room and sing to my heart's content (much to everyone's dismay).

Brian will forever be my favorite Backstreet Boy! Laugh away and reminisce! ;)

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Baby, Three Types of Sickness, Movies and a Country Trail

I've been feeling pretty crummy these past few weeks. First it was allergies, then it was a minor cold followed by an infected sinus dribbling down to an incredible tooth ache! (American health care, why must you suck so badly?) In regards to that last issue, luckily, mummy and daddy were there for the rescue and helped me get my chipmunk face in order. Blah. It's taken four days of recovery to relieve the swelling and pain induced migraine and will also take three trips to the endo... Yay!


Alas, I did have a few good days despite the pain. Baby E's First Birthday was a success! I loved the little mustache theme... and I was nicely bronzed, albeit pretty orange! Mwahaha!

AND while sedated, I was able to whisk away for three hours to get my hair 'did by SIL. Thank God. It's been almost five months of heavy horse hair and it was making my headaches and hay fever worse. So heavs. Not goods.



Moreover on Tuesday, Cristhian and I saw 22 Jump St... It was ok. I was really pumped to see it after the hilariousness of the first movie. But, like most always, sequels bite! Over this past Saturday, Cristhian and I saw How To Think Like A Man Too.


The following Sunday, Cris, Kuro and I went for a few miles' walk along the Farmington River Trail. We saw so many families and couples walking, jogging, biking, etc. It was SO nice going along the path. I never knew this existed in the area! Too bad we're moving back to MA/NH in a few months.

Now to prep for SIL and G's visit on Tuesday!

Thanks for all the lovely messages and emails while I was away!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hair Chop: Summer Inspiration and Final Product

I'm so lucky to have a talented SIL who cuts and color hair.. but that's dependent on whether or not I can get in touch with her! She's a rearin' and ready lady constantly in demand! Lucky for me, I'm seeing her this coming Monday (it only took me three weeks in advance to book. Keke...) Alas, I try my best to get my hair cut every two months- and again, that's if I'm lucky. This time, it took me nearly five! Trust me, I've gone through bouts of chopping my own hair! It's too damn heavy! For the longest time, I was seriously considering going blonde a la A. After real consideration, I figured I didn't want to go too, too crazy- semi-light, still dark. I like some things in each of the pictures listed.

(Source) | (Source)

(Source) | (Source)

What does this mash of pictures create? Is your interest piqued? Behold!

I didn't retouch either photo. In the light, as pictured on the left, you can really see the color. Its true to life color can be seen on the right. It's really blended with pops of color. It's much more red than I would have liked, but I'm really excited about the direction. Also, SIL chopped off nearly four inches of hair... IT FEELS SO MUCH LIGHTER! I've had my natural color with super dark highlights and long hair for SO long... Sorry, mom! Looks like my hair won't be au naturale for the Big Fat Cambodian Wedding!

Are you changing your look for summer?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


After realizing I'm on my last pair of contacts (and after Cristhian's rave when he ordered his set), I decided to take the plunge and order my contacts online. With his superior approval of, I thought "Hey, why not?"

First things first, I searched a number of websites in search of prescription contacts at a cost efficient price. I have a pretty common prescription and brand so it wasn't hard finding a number of sites that were competitive. I contacted 1800Contacts via website, chatted with a representative and explained the situation. This rep was accommodating and able to confirm the price match, extra 2% discount and the free shipping. Winning.

After confirming some personal and billing information, the rep called and informed me that he needed a verbal confirmation from my doctor or text, email or fax of my hard copy prescription. I text a copy of the hard copy right away to the number provided by 1800Contacts. Within minutes, I received a text confirmation and within hours, I received an email with the tracking number!

Because I placed my order the evening of May 22nd, the rep explained that I should expect my package in 5-7 business days, even with Memorial Day looming near. No biggie. My prescription lasts for two weeks so I wasn't in any rush. Lo and behold my surprise when I found the package waiting in the foyer the day after Cristhian and I came back from our holiday in Massachusetts/New Hampshire. ... So including weekend days, my order came in in five business days!

I'm thoroughly impressed! Nowadays, the interwebz has everything I need conveniently packaged in a cute little box and shipped to my door. I also really like when companies have actual people I can bother- it makes shopping all the easier. I'm super satisified, 1800Contacts! Will do business again!

*FTC: I was not sponsored, compensated or paid by 1800Contacts or its affiliates for this review. My husband and I paid for our contacts with our own money.

Have you ordered from 1800Contacts? What was your experience like?

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