Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day 2014

Gosh. This long weekend has seriously been insane. Was it insane because it was the first time I left the house for more than a few hours’ time? I REGRET NOTHING! Crissy and I decided to keep our holiday weekend as low-key as possible. Half a wedding (we were invited to two weddings on Saturday and one on Sunday), no camping and no beach parties!

I spent all of Saturday morning scrubbing the feck out of the apartment because I knew Cristhian and I would be gone for the better part of the weekend. I clean now. I know. It's weird. I can't believe it myself.

This is my I-Need-Green-Card profile picture. Getting wedding ready.


Saturday afternoon was spent in Lynn where we happily spent our time at Cristhian’s "niece's" wedding. It was sooo good seeing people we hadn't seen in what feels like years! After Party-wise, Cristhian and I invited ourselves to the bride's parent's house in Chelsea. SUCHHHHHH FUN! I'll spare you the Taboo pictures. Haha!

Our lazy Sunday was spent in Lowell where Cristhian, Kuro and I lounged all day with Shawn, Ming and Om. My allergies/hives were going haywire annnnd I couldn't breathe. Yay! When it started to sprinkle, I felt loads better and we decided to watch X-Men. Sav and Chris ended up coming with us and we planted ourselves in Nashua South. GOOD MOVIE. Totes recs.

Ain't he handsome? Dat Nose.

The pulley thingys and canal boggers were actually quite neat... !

Yesterday, Monday was spent half-lazily. We did absolutely nothing all morning and for the better part of the afternoon.. then come 3 o'clock, we did a canal tour. Interesting! We also spent a good amount of time riding the trolley... then watched Godzilla... then rushed back to Connecticut and got back by midnight.

Other than the fact that my allergies made me miserable more than half the times, I have no regrets! Seriously. Packed. Weekend. Of. Awesome. Family. -Ness. Rils.

I hope your holiday was as un/eventful! Cheersss!


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