Monday, May 12, 2014

My Week In Pictures #17: Dinner and a Concert

The day-of, the 8th, Cristhian and I shared a lovely meal at a local restaurant located in a public park we often frequent. We had a derrrrricious four course meal with wine pairing... Wowza! SO YUM!

Our menus... Tablets? Whaaat?

Duck Confit Tostada with Caramelized Onions and Red Bell Peppers.. nom!

14 oz Veal with Polenta and Chimichurri... Niiiice!

Shad over Fiddleheads with Truffle Croquettes~

German Chocolate Mousse Cake with Lemondrop- HEAVENLY!

On the 9th, went to a Rob Thomas concert at the casino.

We were so close! Way to go Jenny! Great seats!

Late night snack because... why can't I have doughnuts at 11 at night?

The half-weekend we spent in New London county was really low-key. We spent 90% of our time with Cris' nephews, E and G. To add A to the mix would've been too crazy for this childless couple...

One of the many pics E and I sent to his mum~

Here's a little bit of Lionheart Otie for good measure. ;)

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