Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Week In Pictures #18: May Blues

This past week dragged by like no other. After being poked, prodded and jabbed.. I am full of holes and seriously medicated. House Arrest has also been super fun. Thank you, spring!

This is my fifth test! 90% positive for everything within seven states! Argh!

Oats and Chus have been soooo loving.. They know I’m feeling unwell.

Overall, my week’s been full of cleaning (Damniiiiiiiit, dust!) as I’ve been stuck indoors.

Birthday boy!

The one time I trekked out was for BIL’s 31st birthday. I broke out in hives and swelled up like an elephant, but whatevs! It was nice to finally just get out and see people.


  1. Gosh the first picture sound painful!!! ouch I can comment again #yes!!!



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