Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tanning Controversy: Why I Tan

Asian aunties aaaaalways tell me how pretty my light (for Cambodians!) or horrible my dark (Vietnamese/Cantonese) skin is.. How/Why am I so light/dark?! Do I bleach my skin? Let me tell you: I'm close to NC25 (late January-February) naturally, but, ideally, I like when my skin is around NC35 (late July-August). To keep balanced, I usually try to maintain a NC30 color or golden/olive medium tone year 'round. I tan; I fake bake; I stay outside (and wear sunscreen!). I think I look healthy (vs when I'm naturally pale); I like the look of being bronze.

January 2014

March 2011

For the past two years, I apply self-tanner on my face once every 10 days. It doesn't help my acne (which is an ongoing issue), but it really helps my face look healthy. I also make sure to apply a gradual self-tanner every 3-5 days to ensure my face matches my body. I also find that tanning helps my overly yellow skin look more neutral.

Both pictures are from July 2011

With this in mind, I'm not light and fair (like my mommy), but I'm not dark and night-like (like Uncle Josh). I'm light-medium, if you will. Generally in Asia, it's a fact that the lighter your skin, the more attractive your skin. Asians in Asia love the look of a ghost-like, pale face. Many times (in real life and on TV), I'll see a woman with foundation that is 2-3x lighter than her actual skin color. I would think that matching one's skin color overall would be ideal.. but nope.

Yes. I think this model's beautiful and her makeup is well done, but you can obviously tell her foundation is too light!

Yo. They be Cambodian Purdy, mang.

I have moments where I think I should just go au naturale.. but then I remember that I tan far too easily. For over 20 years, I never fake baked or tanned outside (with the exception of playing outside!)... Any time of the year, you'd find me polka-dotted with dark or light splotches all over my body. I never burned... I just tanned so well. That, paired with my acne, made me so incredibly self-conscious. So when I found makeup, I took to liking a more even, dark appearance (which is easier to maintain than keeping my entire body light!).

What are you feelings on tanning?

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