Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kuro vs Neighbor: Part I

My life pretty much revolves around four #$@)ers. Zorro, Otie, Kuro and Crissy. It's sad, but true. When something happens to one of them, my barely-there-somewhat-existent maternal instincts kick in and I need to do everything in my power to make things better.

On Thursday, April 3, Cristhian took Kuro out for a quick walk and wee like he always does when I'm out of town. Another day, another walk. Yes, dogs live in our building.. it's not something we think about since, generally, all the dogs get along. That day, for whatever reason, when Cris opened the door, he must've startled the scotty because guess what- Kuro was bit. Yes, a Scottish Terrier/Corgi/German Shepard.

I was thinking, a scotty mix? How bad could the bite be! At first glance, with the first picture Cristhian sent me, the wound didn't look so bad. … Well, when he went to the ER vet that idea quickly disappeared. Upon further inspection and shaving, you could see the damage the scotty did to Kuro.

The cost of care and surgery was over $1k- aka something Crissy and I can't afford on a whim. We KNOW we want the scotty's owner to foot the bill- but how long would that take? Ugh. Kuro needs care NOW. We wanted to get Kuro the best care possible, but we needed to get the funds together. So the vet suggested stapling his ear and wounds- basically putting a bandaid on something that needed serious care.

After regrouping and after being helped by kind family members, Cristhian was able to bring Kuro back to the ER and get Kuro the care he needed. Kuro's surgery took all night and he did really well overall, per the vet techs and vet. In total, Kuro's ear was severely lacerated and was more than 3/4" was flapping, he had deep flesh wounds on his neck and his head as well. Kuro ended up with 31 stitches and a tube to drain the pus, mucus and blood that seeps from his body.

Kuro takes antibiotics twice daily and is also on pain management. His energy is still low and he's understandably lethargic (we know this because he's usually excited to see mommy or daddy...). Every now and then, he'll whimper because he wants to sleep on his left side (as Kuro is a lefty and prefers his left side)... and that's when we know he needs his pain meds. Moreover, we apply a warm compress on his drain three times a day and clean his wounds with hydrogen peroxide- which he HATES!

Per Cristhian and the vet, the scotty latched on real well and would not let Kuro go. //supersighandsob

At this point in time, Kuro will be getting his tube removed the following Monday due to the continual seepage from his drain. Moreover, his stitches are still to be removed the Friday after. Also, we've called Animal Control and the ACOs have been mediating between both parties. Cris has tried knocking on the neighbors' door and showing them the bill that incurred due to their dog... but to no avail. They have not answered. I will update y'all with Kuro's recovery and our ongoing "suit" with our neighbors.

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