Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TIU: LYB '14 Results

I have nooooottttttt been a very good blogger or social media person. Sowwies. BUT, I did finish the Love Your Body Challenge. I seriously didn't lose any major weight or inches, but I did learn to appreciate what my body can and cannot do.

What? Flat abs? Where the hell have YOU been?

I don't remember what happened at the exact end of the challenge (Oh, yeah. A little something called my 26th birthday.), but I ended up giving my final check-in and such around the first week of March. I also ended up finishing my 100 miles then as well due to all the snow we've been getting.

Yes. We eat this well. This how we do.

To maintain weight loss and muscle building, I've been trying to kick up my cardio and weights. I still haven't surpassed my plateau.. Please, no. I don't want to give up more sugar. //sadlife


I got off the 3L bandwagon for a bit.. but I'm getting back to it. I do remember feeling so absolutely refreshed and less-acne-ful while drink loads and loads of eau.

Are you still keeping up with your New Year's resolution?


  1. It's amazing that you keep loosing weight runing, baking, and all of that oh an I forget sleeping at the post office!!!lol

    I am really happy for you that you keep going for your goals, you are trully an amazing person I have to say!!!

    1. Aww! Thanks! I just feel like I need to do everything I can to ensure the outcome I want. I know if you give it your all, you'll get to where you want to be, too! Girl power!!!


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