Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Week In Pictures #16: OH to MA to CT to NY to CT to MA to OH

It has been foreverrrr since I did a My Week In Pictures. Apologies, peeps! I don't have much to contribute today, but I do have some that I'd really like to share.

S and L rockin' their Kyary Pamyu Pamyu shirts before heading over to yucky BonChon.

This is one of the best Snapchats (I've recently decided that I like the app. It's odd, but R and L keep things interesting.) I've received to date.

The last bit is just because I rauff the original starter set. They're the bestest.

I'll do better and remember to take more interesting photos... I'll have to remember that the interwebz is sprawling with loads and loads of selfies, cool buildings, abstract art and yaoi/yuri. Noted!

Hope you had an equally awesome week!

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