Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who Got Their Hair Chopped?

Please excuse the horse teefs and mess in the backgrounds of either picture.

I FINALLY GOT MY HAIR DONE. Jeez. I've been suffering with horse hair syndrome for the longest time and finally bugged my SIL enough. Hah! Seriously. My hair felt so heavy and I could do absolutely nothing but keep it in a bun or a low pony tail.

I used Veronika's hair cut as inspiration for my layers and I used some pictures from Pinterest to show the subtle graduation of color I was hoping for.

I felt so incredibly happy when my SIL chopped off my hair. She took a little over 2" off the ends and added more layers to add bounce and body to my heavy, heavy hair. I also wanted to try an incredibly subtle take on ombre so I had her replicate the highlights she gave me last July and gradually diffuse my ends with color. The color itself is hardly noticeable, but I absolutely love that effect. It looks dark, but compared to my roots, you can see the difference! The best part? You can't tell where the color starts/finishes (I hate when there's a definitive line. It's so completely unattractive, I can't stand it!) and that's the beauty of a good colorist/stylist. I still have length! So hopefully the old ladies will not hate on my hair when I see them.

In two months' time, I will definitely lighten my ends further with maybe a three or four level color vs the five I ALWAYS get. Furthermore, I will ask for a "balayage" style color vs the ombre. I think the former is more me! Hah!


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