Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII... Womp womp!

How did every one spend their holiday?! Crissy and I were going to host a party, but due to familial circumstances, we decided to hang out by ourselves in lieu of celebrating with others. (Our beloved Pats weren't in the Super Bowl anyway.) We ordered pizzas, got ourselves some soda and beer and had ourselves a little cleaning fest (We were looking for a document he and I misplaced, haha!).


Trust me. If you could see this apartment, it looks like a tornado/snow storm/hurricane dropped Kansas and beat it to death. Did we find the document? NOPE. Had to order a duplicate. Yuck.

I thought Bruno Mars did a fantastic job as the entertainment! He is so incredibly talented- vocally, musically- I didn't know he could play the drums. I also liked the nod to the American military. It was sweet. Also, Red Hot Chili Peppers- what? Clothed?! No way! It was nice seeing them!

Seriously. Like every other person and her mother, I adored the Budweiser commercial. (Reminds me of the frog Budweiser commercial they did back in the 90s/00s.. No?)

I think it's official. Super Bowl XLVIII was the worst Super Bowl of all time. It wasn't even a contest between the Broncos and the Seahawks- it was a straight up annihilation, desecration, castration! Also, it made my beloved league look like absolute idiots. (Wut? The Broncos? THAT shitey team beat THE best team in the AFC, let alone National Football League? Gosh. I digress. But that's besides the point.) I wanted the Broncos to win, but I could've cared less overall! Blahhh!

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