Monday, January 6, 2014

TIU: Love Your Body Series 2014

Who's doing another Love Your Body series sponsored by Tone It Up? This girl is! I didn't do that well last year, but thanks to the check-ins, I did figure out why I wasn't losing weight. My ultimate enemy is sugar and processed foods! I've learned my lesson and paired with an improved diet, I hope to lose the last 10 lbs to hit the 100 lb mark!

This year, I've been moderately active on both Instagram and Twitter. I've taken an incredibly amount of selfies that are nearly non-existent on my regular accounts! I think what makes this go most different is that I'm actively communicating with other participants. It kinda feels good to see those "likes" and comments in regards to eating well and working out (which people in my every day life seem to NOT get and wonder why I need to lose weight since I'm already small) and not worrying about being judged (LEEDA).

Also, as a note to myself: I actually achieved more than half of what I sought to do last year (in regards to this challenge). Give yaself credit, Jenny Benny Bean!

What are some of your weight loss resolutions?


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