Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh, January... Y You Do Me Like That?

Sorry about ignoring you, Mr. Blog & Family.. Seriously. I've been frazzled like a mugger bugger. Ask Chin. She'll tell you.

Let's see. The winter season was actually quite eventful with frequent T trips to Boston (vs driving in like we 'burb people usually like to do). I did a very, very small post on that.. Sorry. We've also had a few snow storms since then. I think, in total, we've accumulated more than 24"/61cm of snow! Of course, that means we've had SOO many cancellations and delays.. I remember how much I dislike the sound of happy children during these trifle times (but I still love my nieces and nephews and little cousins..). On that note, Crissy and I have been able to go ice skating, snowboarding and skiing three times since the new year (after L horribly taught Cristhian how to snowboard and since R taught me how to walk on sticks). Good times.

The non-ill brothers.

At home, C and I are still having trouble with Zorro. Like his mom, he has aural issues.. Our household has been fighting his case of ear mites (although Otie has NEVER had 'em and have been checking him like crazy since ear mites are highly infectious between cats). Zozo and I have been to the vet so many times, I can't tell you how unbearable it is that we can't get rid of this problem we've been plagued with since October.

How's your year been so far?

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