Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!


I was seriously considering booking a stay at a hotel and lounging about the hotels' amenities (pool or jacuzzi anyone?), but ultimately Crissy and I decided to stay home for NYE to hang out with my siblings, cousin and L's friend in Boston.

I started my day off with R and L riding the T into North Station. There, we met up with L's friend at the NEAQ and meandered to the MOS after. After loitering a tad due to L's friend's predicament, the group wandered to Copley and refueled before going to the Observatory. We took the T into the common and froze before heading back on the Green Line to T and C.

We ate in Allston... NOMMMM! I rauff Korean food! After saying our farewells, we drove back north to spend the last 9 minutes with S. It was a great end to 2013!

What did you do for NYE?

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