Sunday, December 29, 2013

Date Night: Dec 2013

I really love this time of year. Mean New Englanders (although I will say Connecticut Nutmeggers are not mean overall) take the time to be kind to one another and do their best to keep up with the holiday cheer. It's actually really very nice.


This month, el Hubs and I were able to enjoy a number of activities. The Wadsworth Museum hosted its annual Festival of Trees and Traditions.

We also watched a number of movies!


I have a love for French movies (à la peps) which I slowly suckered Cristhian into. US' Delivery Man was a remake of France's Starbuck. It was a decent movie overall. I saw it with Shawn and then again with Crissy (but I could've waited to see it on DVD since it was nearly the exact replica of Starbuck).


Cristhian really wanted to see The Hobbit in theatres. I'm so glad we did. The effects and graphics were absolutely incredible. I'm not too sure why I never got into the series in junior and high school, but I feel a real urge to watch it!! (Especially since el Hubs gifted me the complete collector's edition blu ray set!)


American Hustle was not my cup of tea. 'nough said.


I'm not much of a Will Ferrel fan... the only movie I loved that he starred in was Elf. I'd never seen the first movie let alone watched Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, so Crissy had me watch the first part before leaving to the theatre.

We like movies. Can you tell?

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