Friday, November 1, 2013

My Week In Pictures #15

It takes so much time to write, edit, upload, etc that I've seldom found time in my schedule to write concise posts for zeh blog. I don't even upload pictures to Facebook (much to the family's dismay) unless constantly prodded. My apologies.

This post ranges from late September (Shawn's Double Lunar Birthday) through late October (my weekend in Beanerville with Cristhian). ENJOY this My (Past Few) Week(s) in Pictures!

We don't look alike at all!

My favorite girls. Ever.

Freshly caught clams. Grit and all. Nom.

Seriously the best mead I've ever tasted- plus the hostess is INCREDIBLE.

Crissy and I love Christopher Columbus Park.

I love you, waterfront!

I've had a number of entries this past month, but haven't really written anything.. I've been busy (always seems to be my excuse, eh?) !

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