Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Honeymoon, Part 1 (Boston Mini Moon)

Cristhian and I are fortunate. I'm excited that we're going to Maine staying in Boston for the long weekend for a mini honeymoon. We were longtime residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and have never done anything touristy (without being dragged by a school group). We've decided to take advantage of our capital city and tour as many monuments and museums as we possibly can (something we haven't done since our grammar school days). I can't wait!


I know it's fall and it's the high season in New England (I'm looking at you, foliage). It'll be chilly (32*F low, 45*F high), and for the most part, I avoid tourists like a mother nutter, but I digress. I want to be able to enjoy Beanerville! Besides, Cristhian and I do most things around our dating anni/half-anni! (Now it'll be the other way around!)


I haven't been to NEAQ in eons. My last memory is of seals chilling out on the docks around Central Wharf and smelling the distinct taste of saltwater and dirt... What a delightful way to remember the Waterfront!


I'm going to be honest. I don't remember anything from the MOS. What I do know is that it's particularly close to Cambridgeside Galleria (leave it to me to associate a museum with a mall, haha). I'm positive things have changed a hell of a lot since Cristhian and I last visited. Woo hoo!


I'm not very scholarly in regards to the world of art, but I do enjoy looking at pretty things. HAHAHA. Cristhian and I frequent Dorchester and Roxbury so we pass by MFA all the time. The last time we went inside the museum? Ehh. 'Twas also when we were in grammar/middle school. ... Probably.


One thing we haven't set in stone (since we've already bought tickets for the museums) is whether or not to do a Duck Tour. I'm pretty sure Boston is known for it since I see the tours packed to the brim regardless of season.. we shall see!

Any recommendations on what touristy things we should do in Boston?

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