Thursday, September 26, 2013

TBT: Big Bang - A Good Man

I love music.


I don't think one needs to know the language of the singer/group in order to appreciate the passion that went into creating said piece. That said, I do love international music (Korean, Portuguese, French, Haitian, etc), pop, r&b, country, metal, etc. BUT my favorite kind is when you feel the emotion behind the song. I want to feel depressed. I want to feel in love. I want to feel heartbroken. I want to feel battered. To me, that's the making of a great song.

Admittedly (and I'm not showing off!), I loved k-pop/r&b/hip hop while I loved j-pop/rock and c-pop/rock! Like I mentioned earlier, I don't like to discriminate against music just because I don't understand it! I've been a long time fan of Big Bang- since they came out in '06! I love them.

Here's a Throwback Thursday for ya!

A Good Man speaks to its audience on a number of levels. For example, what's the worth of a good, or bad, man? What makes X a good person to Y might make X a bad person to Z. LOVE this song. I especially love how angry T.O.P. is whenever he raps live.

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