Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Week in Pictures #14

These past couple of weeks have been super busy. Cristhian and I have gone from one end of New England to the other in a matter of hours. Oh, dear. Such is the life of one with a humungous family! (Thank God, it's just me! I can only imagine the horror if Cristhian had an equally large family...) Anyhow, enjoy this week's MWIP!

On Sunday, the girls and I made our way to the BBC where we shared a lovely meal and caught up on all the juicy things in our lives. You, know, regular ol' hag stuff.

After our late lunch, we decided to trek up to the NH border and check out the newly renovated AMC theatre. Other than being carded for a PG-13 movie, we had a great time. It was way, way, way nice! The reclining leather seats were so absolutely comfy- I could've fit two of me in one seat!

Hope you had an equally awesome week!

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