Monday, September 9, 2013

Motivation Monday: Progress Update

Weight has been a struggle in the T household. Cristhian's steadily losing weight and my progress is even slower. Blah. I'm not exactly under 100 lbs now, but I'm on my way there! For reference, I've finally gotten under the 110 mark- I'm 109 even!

(L) Taken on 8/4/10 at 119 lbs. (R) Taken on 8/30/13 at 109 lbs.

That picture was taken with a 10 lb difference. Yes, I know it's not much, but the smallest amount of weight makes such a change! Remember, I was always in the "healthy" range in terms of weight. I just didn't feel good about myself.

My tidbit is that should I feel good and secure at 100, I'll stay ~100. Otherwise, I'll keep going down til I reach 93-95 lbs. Ah, such is life- another 9-15 lbs to go!

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