Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Intimate Block Island Wedding

Time really flies! I can't believe my best high school girly friend already hitched! One of my closest girlfriends was married over the past holiday weekend and had a whirlwind romance which started online, then ended in an intimate, nautical wedding. Soon she and her new hubby will be shipped off to northern New Hampshire. Pfft. It doesn't matter if she's married, she'll always be *insert maiden name here*.

One of our only couple shots taken at 8am on the ferry to the Block!

Ohhhh, Spring House. How I missed you so!

The bride and her gal~

Our intimate group of 36!

I absolutely loved our fisherman's platter. It's the highlight of my summer!

Chickie, I'm so glad you were able to invite me to your wedding as I know Cristhian and I were your only non-relative friends. I wish you the best of the best of the best of married life. You're a gem!

Note: We look tired in most of these photos. It was a completely packed and exhausting weekend.

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