Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Accessories, Smessories!

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day. I'm not one to reach for accessories. I'm often seen sporting… no accessories whatsoever- not even earrings! I just don't like the feel, or weight rather, of it all. But every special occasion calls for special adornment and my personal day will be no different.

Asians be lovin' that bling on bling on bling on bling look. You'll likely see me looking like this next summer. //wompwomp

Personally, I'm partial to the 'less is more' motif. I'm thinking of just a good sized set of chandelier earrings with a hefty bracelet paired with a traditional Cambodian bridal belt to finish the look.


I'm thrilled that I found Anna Bellagio Natalia Bracelet and Earring Set, as seen on Kristen! It's definitely got that pizzaz and is what I'm aiming for in terms of my 'ideal look'!


My hair will likely be half up/half down and this fascinator is absolutely perfect for that effect!


This isn't exactly what I'm going to get, but hopefully you get the idea. Lowell is sprawling with Cambodian shops that sell bridal accessories.

Hopefully everything will pan out as expected and I'll look pretttttty.

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