Thursday, September 26, 2013

TBT: Big Bang - A Good Man

I love music.


I don't think one needs to know the language of the singer/group in order to appreciate the passion that went into creating said piece. That said, I do love international music (Korean, Portuguese, French, Haitian, etc), pop, r&b, country, metal, etc. BUT my favorite kind is when you feel the emotion behind the song. I want to feel depressed. I want to feel in love. I want to feel heartbroken. I want to feel battered. To me, that's the making of a great song.

Admittedly (and I'm not showing off!), I loved k-pop/r&b/hip hop while I loved j-pop/rock and c-pop/rock! Like I mentioned earlier, I don't like to discriminate against music just because I don't understand it! I've been a long time fan of Big Bang- since they came out in '06! I love them.

Here's a Throwback Thursday for ya!

A Good Man speaks to its audience on a number of levels. For example, what's the worth of a good, or bad, man? What makes X a good person to Y might make X a bad person to Z. LOVE this song. I especially love how angry T.O.P. is whenever he raps live.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Details

There are a number of (minute) little details that are needed when two people join their lives. Below are what I'm in need of!




Do you think I'm missing anything?!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Big E 2013

Happy Happy Autumn! Fall is here!

Epitome of Autumn right here.

In celebration of Shawn's Double Lunar birthday, Cristhian and I decided to head over the border. We spent a few hours at the Big E in W. Springfield, MA. There, we feasted on deliciousness such as deep fried oreos, (non-organic, totally gmo-ified) turkey legs, non-fresh whole (super tiny) belly clams and more. Highlight for the afternoon? (Other than spending QT with the prettiest Chew sister) BEER. SOOOOO many different kinds of beer on tap!

Womp womp. Give me a month (sans fake baking) and I'll be just as pale as the lady behind me! Sad bear!

First time at the fair!

What's with the unnecessary apostrophe? Gosh. //endEnglishnazi

This was MY one and only want from the fair. WANT!

Authentic Australian cuisine.

Beer. Clam strips. Beer. Clam Strips. More Beer. Good times.

Sheep bears is crazy. They in an asylum.

Mohawk? Cute on a sheepie bear. Not on a person.

Cristhian's one want from the fair? Giant turkey leg.

We're attractive.

In hind sight, we could've looked for more yum-tastic food at a decent price (given the area we were in), but honestly, I'm glad we were able to experience the fair for the first time with two of my favorite boys.

How did you celebrate the first day of the season?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Funny #25: Owl Love!


SO DAMN CUTE! Can. Not. Resist!

Happy Friday!

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