Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

I'm not too sure (as in, I don't remember- haha), but some time in March, Amanda and I became best friends… sometime around ten years ago. (I asked her of course. I am the man after all.) We've gone through ups and downs, lows and highs. We've gone on outings, double dates, field trips, adventures, road tripped and so much more. I know I wouldn't be where I am without my best friend. Thanks, kid. Time really flies.

Like all '88ers, Amanda turned 25 this week. Her original plan was to go to Boston and meander through the streets of our youth. After people backed out, etc, etc, she decided to take it low-key and head south (ahahahaha) to me- with less than forty-eight hours' notice. (Let me tell you, my baker was not happy!) We ended up having a lovely day with beautiful weather.

We brunched at La Petite France Bakery where we each (unknowingly) ordered the same meal pairs! Sokha and Josie both ordered croque monsieurs; Amanda and I both ordered croque madames! Nom nom nom!


Hogwarts Platform 9-3/4!

Excuse Eduardo. He has tourettes.

VLOGCEPTION! It's vlog on vlog action!

Bushnell Park. Granted, it's no Public Gardens or Common, but Bushnell's definitely got its own perks. Downtown Hartford's city park's is really picturesque and such a sight to see in the hustle and bustle of the insurance capitol of the country.

Last minute cake courtesy of A Little Something Bakery!

Happy 25th Birthday, Armando!

Shark, I hope the latter years of our "prime" treat you better than our teenage and early 20s. Cheers to many more years together, with or without any additions to our little group.

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