Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Flowers and I don't really mix. They're pretty 'nd all, but.. yeah. I'm thinking of just picking up some flowers at the nearest Whole Foods the day of, or maybe night before the Big Day. I'm hoping for something similar to the selection below!

(Source, via Studio 563)




I like peonies and hydrangeas.. can you tell?!

What did your bouquet look like?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Week in Pictures #13

It's been nearly half a year, but here's a few MWIP for ya.. enjoy!

FBIL turned 29!

Not the best picture... but this is Cristhian and me at a local baseball game.

Taken at the CT Science Center. (Please excuse the visitors on my face... stress is getting to me!)

FNIL workin' hard at Bank of America at the local library.

How's your past week been?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Home Decor: Bedroom & Bathroom Inspiration

Let's preface this post with the fact that I am not the greatest homemaker. Cristhian and I have lived in a number of apartments over the past seven plus years and each home was decorated minimally. Upon realizing that I am no longer young, I felt like I could no longer get away with living like I did at the dorm during my first year of undergrad.

At the moment, I've been focusing my efforts into the bathroom (since it's the smallest room and lacks… everything) and bedroom (since it's been the plainest room upon our getting together). I've been using Pinterest for what seems like forever. .. And I've finally decided to put said website into use. I won't shock any of you with real-life pictures of my messy home (as I'm actually in the middle of a huge purge), but I will bombard you with inspirational pictures with which I will use to decorate.

I don't like everything depicted in the pictures above, but there are some elements I do like. I want to incorporate hints of yellow and white to balance out the darkness of our black-brown furniture. This room will most likely be ultra-feminine and French-ish. No, I do not feel horrible for Cristhian.

The bathroom is situated away in a corner, but, somehow, I'd like to balance out blue, grey and yellow!

I'm really leaning towards a color scheme of grey throughout the home for some cohesiveness. I've been influenced by Gahr- he's turned me pro-grey! What do you think of my "theme" of vintage Monogram/French/New England? Ahahaha. I've been really into monogrammed things lately- not quite sure why since I'm on the fence with changing my name.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kate, Will & Georgie

Gosh. Kate and Will just can't get any cuter! And Georgie! Jeez! He may not be cute just yet (Sorry, I still don't think babies are cute), but he looks exactly like Will did in the 80s- so I'm sure he'll be such a looker!


Although Cristhian and I are seriously considering not having children, I'm sometimes envious of other newlyweds and little families with infants. //sigh

What are your thoughts on Georgie and his mommy and daddy?!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!

I like makeup, yes, but my every day look is quite natural. I always emphasize my eyes by brightening them and like the look of falsies for that extra oomph (since my God given lashes are basically non-existent). When Cristhian and I exchange our sentimental, tear jerking vows, I want to look like me… just flawless!




Which look do you like best?

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