Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Happens For A Wedding

This past weekend, 5th Street Baptist Church & co. and I flew to California in order to attend one of our best friends' wedding. Although Cristhian was too much of a bum and couldn't get the time off (much to my lament!) and therefore deemed me dateless…I had SO much fun during the short weekend. I hope to have many more holidays with loved ones on the wrong side of the country!

Below are just are a few shots of the trip. We did a number of things and when I remembered to take out my camera, I did! Some shots are from my Instagram and others were from a number of friends on Facebook. Please, enjoy!

Aside from the actual wedding itself, one highlight of the trip was seeing Kyrene. I seldom see the little ones over in Cali, but Kyrene is someone I rarely see since she does not live with our family in the Valley. I'm glad Shawn and I were able to spend time with her- even if it was for a few short hours! We made her love us!!

Cheers to many more holidays!

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