Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weight Check-In

I know a lot of my posts have revolved around my weight.. but dang-nabbit! I just want to reach my target weight of 105/110 lbs! Eh. Forward march!

Before heading out to Ohio, I actually broke my plateau (118 lbs) and nearly hit my high school weight (got down to 116 lbs). These measly two pounds may not seem like much, but it's taken forever for me to get passed the 118/120 lbs mark! I was careful and only gained 1 pound while away. After working out and eating well, since coming back to New England, my weight hasn't budged- it hovers around 117/118 lbs. //wompwomp hit 115.5! I'm SO incredibly happy that I'm 0.5 lb away from my high school weight. A little over 10 lbs and I'll hit my target weight (or 110 lb with muscle?)!

Hopefully my new workout regimen and the 7DSD will reset my internal-ness. That way, I'll see the difference in my clothes and scale! Here's to hoping!

What are you doing to work toward a healthier lifestyle?

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